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Bourn powers visual commerce by seamlessly connecting content and products, allowing everyone to truly shop anywhere, anytime.
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Rich Experience Design

Using human and artificial intelligence, turn any of your content into commerce opportunities by tagging products in photos and videos. Bourn powers commerce content and transforms the shopping experience. Great design can change the way consumers and brands interact with each other, driving engagement and real results.

  • A.I. Image Recognition
  • Product name and price displayed
  • Blends seamlessly into content

Intuitive Customer Journey

Optimize your visual content into clear product display experiences, helping consumers seamlessly towards their path to purchase in one simple hover and click. With the Bourn platform, it's the easiest way for consumers to discover and purchase the products, services, or content shown in your visuals.

  • Product description
  • Display counter
  • Seamless checkout

Premium Brand Access

Monetize content and generate revenue through our expansive brand network from fashion and beauty to travel and home. Our retail marketplace allows consumers to purchase products and helps your brand earn a commission from transactions, providing rich customer experiences and unlocking content-driven revenue. Bourn gives you the true ability to modernize your digital platform into a beautifully interactive commerce experience.

  • 68,000 merchants
  • Global footprint
  • Multiple product categories

Data & Insights

From total user clicks to sales-driven, to best performing content to best-selling products, Bourn's analytics empowers users to acquire new customers efficiently and at scale while driving business growth. Using Machine Learning, Bourn provides actionable data-driven insights to inform content and product strategies.

  • Attribution
  • Content performance
  • Product analysis

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